«Pre-ICO plan»

End date pre-ICO was changed (+1.5 day) due to ICO-Hypethon event participation.

On 08/03/2017 Pre-ICO Lastwill has started.
Bitcointalk has deployed a powerful bounty program to encourage active users to help our project.
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In the Pre-ICO will be put up for sale 6 million tokens with a bonus of 100%

Name of the token: PRL
Cost: 1 ETH = 2000 PRL + 2000 PRL (bonus)
Decimals: 18
Gas Limit: 62000 Gas
Gas Price: 25 Gwei

Purchase of tokens is carried out under a smart contract 0xF79044e452c0bC51dD177F774f2b62C2Ad6041dd

ATTENTION! Make sure that the copied address of the contract is corresponds to the Dashboard and announced in our Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk sources!